Request a Donation for

Your Organization

Requests for donations from non-profit organizations, formally received by LCM via online form, will be accepted no more than once annually per organization. LCM will not provide a direct cash donation to any organization. An organization may receive a donation if the organization is a 501(c)3 or equivalent, located in the Central Susquehanna Valley, community-serving, and aligned with LCM in mission and market (i.e., serving families and children for the purpose of education, health, or recreation).


Donations to universities, schools, pre-schools, and churches, are limited by an $2400 annual budget allocation. Donation requests received from any of these types organizations cannot be fulfilled after the $2400 donation budget has been exhausted for the fiscal year.


Requests must be made five weeks prior to the event and will be reviewed monthly by a committee of the board of directors.