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Home Together: Outdoor Play and Nature Development for Children

HOME TOGETHER: "The mere imparting of information is not education." 

~Carter G. Woodson, American Historian

  Thank you for participating in the Lewisburg Children’s Museum and Wild Roots Natural Learning’s program Home Together: Research-based practices that nurture joy, learning and life-work-play balance. We hope that you picked up a few ideas to help make things at home a little easier, and some reassurance, knowing that what you are already doing is more important than you may think.

Below is this most recent webinar. We hope that the webinars provide you with a wide range of resources to refer to in the coming months. Summer provides us with a wonderful opportunity for more carefree days and the time to reimagine and create “prepared environments” that nurture learning every day, for any age child and whether school is in session or not. In summary, first and foremost, try to make it a regular practice to observe and contemplate your child’s inclinations, tendencies, interest and curiosity. Is your baby starting to reach for things using a pincer grasp? Do a general or Pinterest search for “Activities for a 6 month old baby”, and you’ll find things like this DIY ribbon box. If you search “activities for a busy toddler”,  you’ll find interesting activities using things you already have at home, like this Animal Tape Rescue Activityfrom Busy Toddler - making it to naps, one activity at a time. Does your  preschooler love vehicles of any kind? Check out Learning Activities for Kids Who Love Carsfrom (note: the activities here are not gender specific). Is your 10 year interested in survival skills? Check out Backyard Bushcraft Skills and 49 Outdoor Projects to Try When Campingfrom Survival Sherpa

The overarching message here is that when we observe our children and create activities and environments that support either their developmental stage (younger children) and their interests/curiosity (older children), they are more likely to occupy themselves independently, show more contentment, concentration and focus, and have better self-regulation of their emotions and behavior. When we “say yes as often as possible”, we are honoring our child’s needs in a way that develops their emotional intelligence, social skills, creativity, problem solving, critical thinking, skill development,  appropriate risk taking, competence, confidence and self-esteem. For this final week, we offer a comprehensive list of resources in a separate Home Together Resources Google Doc that separates the resources by topic and organizes everything in one location. We will likely add to this document as time goes on, so feel free to check it periodically for new ideas/topics, or anytime you need a little refresher on the research shared and/or specific activities you can prepare for your child. If you’re on Facebook, we encourage you to find us at Wild Roots Natural Learning where we will continue to share articles and research that supports “research-based practices that nurture joy, learning and life-work-play balance”. This program is supported by the amazing staff and board of the Lewisburg Children’s Museum. If you are able to support them in their challenging work to make ends meet during this time, please go to Lewisburg Children's Museum to make a donation. Every little bit helps, so no donation is too small. Thank you! The mission of Wild Roots Natural Learning is to support holistic learning and nature connection for people of all ages through education, training and nature programs. If you’d like to stay in touch with us, contact us at and we will add you to our email list. We also encourage you to continue to share any questions, ideas or photos of your activities/successes.

I am convinced that knowledge is power- to overcome the past, to change our own situations, to fight new obstacles, to make better decisions. ~Ben Carson

In closing, this quote seems to summarize this chaotic, stressful and challenging time in our lives. When we look to research, history, and new information, we are better prepared for anything. It is our hope that you have found a few new bits of knowledge to support you as you continue to do the best work any of us can do: nurture children who will enter the world with empathy, the ability to understand and relate well to others, curiosity, a strong sense of self and a love of learning. 

Have a wonderful summer, and thank you for joining us. ~Susan and Samantha   Wild Roots Natural Learning 

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