Our Philosophy

Our Mission

It is the mission of Lewisburg Children’s Museum to bring hands-on, enriching educational experiences in a safe, accessible environment, to children in the central Susquehanna Valley. We are committed to providing opportunities for learning, imagination, and play.

Our Vision

Our Vision for Lewisburg Children’s Museum is to be a model destination for engaged learning through high-quality exhibits, creative programming, and unique interactive experiences, all designed to inspire a diverse range of visitors.

Our Values

"We are a museum for ALL."

We prioritize inclusivity and access to provide impactful, educational experiences through play for all children in a safe, interactive environment.  We deliver inclusive, accessible, engaging experiences to all visitors regardless of their ability to pay and endeavor to provide access to families of all socioeconomic backgrounds throughout the region.

"We embrace our community."

We provide opportunities for community input; leverage local connections and strong partnerships with other organizations; promote community awareness and involvement; and always consider our stakeholder network. We provide informational resources for families, serving as a cultural campus and community hub.

"We provide high-quality, innovative experiences."

We are committed to providing the highest quality experiences and maintaining an innovative approach to reinvention of exhibits and offerings. We maintain high standards for our educational, interactive exhibits (both static and timely, including rotating and prototypes). All of our experiences are continuously assessed and improved. We are attentive to the durability, appearance, and user interaction with all of our experiences.

"We make the best use of our resources."

In order to meet our goals, we must be exceptionally responsible and enterprising stewards of the entirety of our resources for the benefit of museum visitors. We acknowledge, with immense and sincere gratitude, every donation of time, money, or in-kind material provided to us that allows our organization to function and grow.

Our Story

In January 2016, Lewisburg Children’s Museum was an ambitious idea between two friends that quickly grew into a community effort. Knowing that the Lewisburg Area High School would be moving, they believed having a children’s museum in this space allowed the building to continue to serve the community as well as provide educational value.
The goal was to create a space that encourages children to imagine, explore, learn, and provide experiences that spark their curiosity. LCM looks forward to continuously incorporating new exhibits to foster educational engagement through play.

Pictured: Co-Founders, Abby Gulden-Luthi & Erin Jablonski


Phone (570)-768-4914

815 Market Street, Suite 14

Lewisburg, PA 17837