Home Together:

Research-based practices that nurture joy, learning and work-life balance

If you missed Home Together live sessions, you can still access the content online!


As families stay-at-home together, life-work balance needs to be redefined day by day. Children need some sort of learning environment, yet parents need to work from home. The conceptual and practical aspects of this challenge can be daunting and overwhelming, but there is a path forward. Turning to research can guide us to new thinking as we creatively adapt to dramatically different days. There is evidence that tells us how children learn best and what they need to develop across all planes of their development: cognitive, social, emotional, physical, and creative. This evidence also helps us understand how children of all ages develop focus, attention, autonomy, agency, and self-motivated learning (and play!) - all of which support a happier, more joyful and balanced home environment.   


Join the founders of Wild Roots Natural Learning in partnership with the LCM in a series of 4 webinars designed to summarize this important research and provide practical application. They will share age-appropriate strategies and practical activities (using materials that you most likely have at home) to help you create play and learning environments that support your child’s natural learning and development. Facilitators will offer ideas to help you identify new habits, routines, and activities (for yourself and your children) that have the capacity to minimize conflict in the home. 


This program is primarily for parents/guardians of children aged 10 and under; however, the pedagogical methods can be applied to older children as well. 

Participants are encouraged to email the facilitators at any point to ask questions or share challenging situations and/or successes. Please email wildrootsnaturallearning@gmail.com.

Meet the Facilitators of Wild Roots Natural Learning

Susan Chlebowski and Samantha Sabo are co-founders of Wild Roots Natural Learning whose mission is to promote holistic learning and nature connection to people of all ages through community partnerships, evidence-based education and nature programs. 


Susan Chlebowski is a certified Montessori teacher who has served as director/head teacher of two nature-based preschools. She is receiving her certification as a Forest School Leader and has studied nature schools in Denmark and Scotland. She is a regular guest lecturer on child-led nature pedagogy and is a facilitator of the Connect, Share, Learn Parents' Group at the Lewisburg Children’s Museum. 


Samantha Sabo is a K-12 art teacher who specializes in child-centered practices that nurture creativity, imagination, and nature connection. She is the founder of the Mud Club Nature Playgroup and is receiving her certification as a Forest School Leader. She is the proud mother of two wildly creative, nature-loving preschoolers, Spencer and Nora.  


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