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The Lewisburg Children's Museum is committed to welcoming all visitors and providing exhibits, programs, and public spaces that are inclusive and interactive for people of all abilities. Not only does the Museum offer resources for financially underserved families in our community, but we also provide resources to help families prepare and enjoy their visits.

Entry and admission
  • A Museum Map is available at the Admissions desk.
  • We offer free admission to support staff, therapists, or nurses that accompanies a visitor as part of their professional responsibilities. Please provide employee identification at the Admissions Desk to receive admission.

Service animals

Service dogs are welcomed at the Museum. In situations where it is not obvious that the animal is a service animal, staff may ask if the service animal is required for a disability and what work or task has the animal been trained to perform. Staff will not ask for documentation or that the animal demonstrate a task, or inquire about the nature of a person’s disability.

Wheelchair access
  • The Children’s Museum’s main entrance at Door #5 of the Green Space Center. Guests can continue through the double doors for elevator access to the Museum.
  • Motorized wheelchairs are always permitted.

Sensory-friendly accommodations
  • Sensory tools, including noise-canceling headphones, weighted vests, and other sensory items, are available upon request during the check-in process.
  • A visual description of the Museum and its exhibits is available. Additionally, the Museum can provide a sensory map of the Museum and a Sensory Menu of each exhibit space. 

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